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An exceptional setting / Map

An Eco-Resort nestled in 280 hectares of nature. Here, nature reigns supreme. The estate stretches across a preserved forest area. Water is an essential part of the décor. The centrepiece is the vast Grand Large basin which is linked to the canal; seven different water areas are spread harmoniously throughout the site. These are rivers, lakes, and ponds that have been replenished by rainwater over the centuries. Swans and wild ducks come to live here completely naturally.

Our woodland is home to a unique and preserved biodiversity, with many different varieties of trees. When we designed and developed Your Nature, no trees were uprooted. The site is dominated by beech, chestnut, oak, birch and other species such as wood anemone and bluebells. Here, the housing has adapted to its environment in harmony. By the pond, the rich soil is carpeted with ornamental plants. On other plots of land, there is an oak grove and, in the area to the south of the wood, there are also birches, aspens, cedars and willows.

In this park with its ancient trees, the tawny owl has found a perfect environment to thrive. The park is also home to small game such as rabbits and pheasants, various rare birds and larger animals such as deer.