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17 April 2024
18 April 2024
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Genuine local flavours

The taste of fresh produce...

Our chefs prepare gourmet, healthy and organic food. They select top-quality local and seasonal products that grow in our own kitchen garden or are sourced from our network of recognised local suppliers and artisans.

Our Values

The Charter


The wellbeing of our guests and our planet is at the heart of our actions.


These are our key sustainability commitments for our
entire food offering:


1. We only use locally grown meat, …and in moderation
2. We offer many vegetarian alternatives
3. We offer a wide range of vegetables and fruit, grown as seasonal and as locally grown as possible
4. We purchase from sustainable agriculture as much as possible
5. We strive for sustainable and fair trade relations based on a fair price-quality ratio for all links.
6. We opt for 100% sustainable fish.
7. We avoid waste and limit the use of disposable use products.
8. We supply high quality, purified tap water to our customers.
9. We are committed to providing clear and accurate communication about these initiatives to staff and customers.

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