Move, feel, fly !
Or just watching the Nature waking up…
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17 April 2024
18 April 2024
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A versatile break

The activities

The wide range of services and premium recreational activities complete the philosophy and experience of a multi-activity holiday. On the water, on land or in the air, hearts beat, spirits soar, bodies blossom and calm settles in.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the leisure team by e-mail at or by telephone

on +32 69 31 30 46.

If you do not find some of our activities online or if they are not proposed to you by phone, it is because the organisation of these activities may, for example, depend on the weather or on availability. You can then book your activities and services at the Your Nature Activity Centre during your stay.

*The confirmation of your activities will be validated after you have booked your stay



Fishing areas and water activities spread over the resort’s lakes. Private indoor pool 280m² heated…


  Running routes, cycle paths, recreational areas and nature reserves fit perfectly into the environment.…


Tucked away from view there is a flying field. A dream come true, the chance…

The touch (Wellness)

Come and enjoy a sensorial experience in our Wellness   Our wellness offers: 3 rooms…

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  Welcome to your activity booking page. Your stay is finally booked? All you have…