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27 May 2024
28 May 2024
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An eco-responsible approach

Respect for nature is at the very heart of our values and our vision of eco-tourism. So naturally, the surrounding nature and environment steered the planning and design of our Eco-Resort and eco-lodges. In this way, we keep in tune with the ecosystem and evolve at its pace.


Our commitments

The lodgings were imagined, designed and installed in harmony with the ecosystem. No trees were cut down, there was no excavation or earthwork, and no modification of the telluric currents or the natural circulation of water. Your Nature is firmly rooted in the environment.

Preserving natural resources

Your Nature is nestled in a natural area of 280 hectares of forest – including 18 hectares of lakes – that enjoys an exceptional micro-climate.
– The biological structure of the flora and fauna and the topography are fully preserved.
– The forest is intact, strong, alive and unaltered.
– Rain is collected to feed the natural watercourses and regenerate the site. The waters are pristine, preserved and teeming with fish.

Making the most of the photovoltaic energy

Almost half of our parking spaces, i.e. approximately 7,700 m², are roofed with 3,173 photovoltaic panels. Each year, this energy carport produces 960 MWh (the equivalent of about 300 households), which is substantially more than Your Nature’s electricity consumption. The surplus green energy is used to power the electric vehicles in the park and will soon be re-injected into the public grid.

A fuel-free lifestyle

During their stay, our residents move around on foot, by bicycle or by electric vehicle. By doing this, everyone plays an active role in preserving the site while at the same time enjoying a peaceful break in the heart of nature. Our restaurants privilege local and seasonal products, for a balanced and healthy menu with a low carbon footprint.

Your Nature’s carbon footprint is considerably lower thanks to a privileged network of local and regional businesses, partners and producers. They are all committed to protecting the land, trees and biodiversity, to sustainable production and breeding and to adhering to an environmental charter.

  • The spruce wood used in the buildings comes from PEFC* certified forests in the Ardennes.
  • The wood chips are made into heating briquettes.
  • The materials are EcoSure certified to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • We use by preference NF Environment Ameublement certified furniture.

*Sustainably managed forests.